Keep Pets Safe on New Year's Eve

Celebrations of New Year’s Eve will be all around with fireworks, loud music etc. But it can be more stressful experience to your furry pal. As responsible pet-parent it is important that you take a good care of your pet by keeping him safe and stress free. To help you with this, here are some of the points you need to consider that nothing befalls the dog or cat on New Year’s Eve and your beloved pet doesn’t flee in panic.

New Year’s Eve Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe

Keep Away Your Pet From Alcohol:

Keep your pet away from the alcohol. He/she may get there where you have store the alcohol, when you are busy with everyone celebrating and drinking. So make sure you keep the alcohol out of reach of your pet and he/she don’t get to it accidentally.

Watch Out The Decorations:

When you are decorating your house or your yard, make a note the things like streamers, balloons and noisemakers can cause harm and put your furry pal in stress. There will also be a risk, that they may unintentionally get choked with streamers, balloon strings etc.

Say No To Fireworks:

Make a point, not to take your four-legged animal to see the fireworks. He/she may get frightened of loud noises and bright light. This can cause anxiety in your pet with such a overwhelming and overstimulating situation.

Take Doggy For A Walk:

Take your dog for a walk during the day hours of New Year’s Eve. This will help your pet to get out of extra energy, which will make him/her more active during night. Don’t take them out for a walk at night, your furry pal may run or get distracted by the noise all around him and act bad behavior.

Safety Tricks To Celebrate New Year with Your Pets

If you have made any plans to party around your pet on this New Year’s Eve. Make sure to keep the noise level at a minimum. As you may be aware that dogs can hear more acutely and their ears are more sensitive to noise than human ears.

Celebrate New Year with Your Pets

If you have invited everyone with their pets on this New Year’s Eve, ensure that you have given a monthly flea and tick treatment to your pet. As you never know, from which pet you furry companion can get infected with predators. Don’t forget to protect your pet with the preventatives.

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