Daisy was adopted by a family in Hollister, CA. Just two days later, she escaped from their backyard and ran away.

That’s not unusual. The most likely window for a dog running away is within the first few days of his or her adoption, when he or she has yet to truly settle in. Two months passed as members of the Hollister Animal Lost & Found community searched for Daisy and repeatedly attempted – and repeatedly failed – to capture her. Every time they got close, she got far away. Cage traps and baiting with smelly foods weren’t working either.

Expert animal rescuer Deanna Barth told NBC Bay Area News:

She was in what we call ‘flight or fight’ mode.

Enter Karen Topping and her six-year-old daughter, Meghan. Apparently, the family of avid dog fosterers – 75 dogs have passed through their home in the past year – had fostered Daisy for a few weeks, and in that time, Daisy and Meghan had formed an incredible bond. But would that bond be enough to break through to Daisy? Or had too much time passed? Karen and Meghan were about to find out.


So they drove forty minutes down to Hollister and found her in a field where she’d been spotted many times previously. Then Meghan formed a plan – with the help of Daisy.

According to Meghan:

She told me. Because you can talk to dogs in your brain. She told me if Mom stayed in the truck she would come to me and I believed it.

The next part is the best part. Meghan walked into the field and just took a seat on the ground. There she sat and waited, as Daisy slowly made her way over to six-year-old girl. Within moments, Meghan was petting Daisy, and Daisy was wagging her tail. I think it’s safe to say she recognized her.


Karen and Meghan Topping have fostered Daisy since she was rescued, though they won’t be adopting her – in fact, Daisy already has a forever home lined up, this time closer to the Toppings. Let’s just hope she stays put this time!

Watch the rescue – and NBC’s full video – below:

Source: NBC Bay Area News

Featured image via NBC Bay Area News