Calling all dog owners! Here at GJW Titmuss, we want to know more about your pet. “Why?” we hear you ask.

Well, because we’re aiming to delve a little deeper and find out more about your four-legged friend’s diet, exercise routine, health and wellbeing.

If you have a spare moment to complete our short survey, we’d be extremely grateful – after all, it’s your experiences and data that count.

Detailed Dog Data

You might be asking what all the responses are going to be used for, so allow us to explain.

We love pets of all shapes and sizes, and especially dogs. So, with the feedback and data we receive, we’re on a mission to put our name to some really strong and credible research.

The survey will allow us to observe common trends about the types of food that owners feed their pet dogs, what owners spend on dog treats, vet’s bills and insurance, and much more.

Complete Our Survey

Now you know what the survey is about and what we’re aiming to achieve, why not go ahead and complete it?

We require only five minutes of your time, and the data we gain will help us massively, so we’d like to say thanks in advance.

If any of your friends and family have a pet dog, why not give them a little nudge to see if they want to fill in the survey as well?

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